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The aim of the website is to aid education, be used as a reference and to assist in gaining a stronger knowledge of history and ultimately, to enlighten, to build one’s confidence and to strengthen the individual.

This website was started out of a sense of frustration witnessed in a section of the community in young black boys and girls in the UK. It was with dismay several years ago, on New Years Eve, the news coverage of four young ladies gunned down in the Midlands at a party in a senseless shooting by young black men that unfold on TV. This situation is growing all too familiar. We witness young black men copying senseless violent scenes from USA and the perpetuation of a terrible gun culture that has ravaged many cities. This is sadly where our “young people” in the UK are heading. It is not surprising when you consider the lyrics to many of the songs that flood into our country from the USA. If this website is used properly, it is designed to assist in the education of our youth about some true heroes who have worked against all the odds to better themselves and achieve something. These people have earned the right to be called a 'Black Hero'.

Please enjoy this site always remembering that "Education will always be the key".